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It was a Happy Halloween!

In the circus that is my life news...

Sean (Otherwise refered to as "Daddy" in above mentioned household) decided whilst trick or treating that it would be most appropriate to "Skip to His Liu" or in this particular case skip to the next condo door for treats..the following events happened in that Chariots of Fire type slo-motion....(For setting purposes Me otherwise refered to as "Ma, Mom,Mommy and or BUB...(GAF! We'll save the "Bub" explanation for another post)Was waiting patiently in the truck where it was warm having already done 1.5 hours of trick or treats before Daddy ever even got home from work.

He skips, skip skips skips skips then suddenly connects with a tree branch and his wirey body hits the ground. Mom (being EMT trained but not certified because she missed too many classes) jumps from the truck fully expecting to have to search on the ground for a missing eyeball runs to the scene to joyfully find both eyeballs in head of above mentioned Dad where they belong. HOWEVER, the branch took no prisoners..a six inch gash ran from forehead to the rear of poor Dad's head, making him look like he survived a Ginsu knife fight.

However we are pleased to report Dad will be turning 28 on Friday with both eyeballs firmly secured in his head.
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