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Messy Easter Bunny

Now, I like Easter as much as the next person... I do.  It's never been a huge deal in my family, but we're always excited to see what the Easter Bunny has brought to us.  Well, he doesn't bring me anything anymore, but he does bring a basket of goodies to my daughter, and for that I appreciate him.  I do.

... It's just...

Why does he always have to track mud all over the porch and sometimes even into the foyer?  I mean, you'd think after all the time he's been doing this that by now he'd have figured out that it's just not a nice thing to do.  No, the kids don't mind it, but it's hard on the moms who have to clean up that mess.

Such uniform little footprints too.  It's almost as if someone took some compressed cellulose sponges,

enlarged an illustration of some bunny tracks and printed them out on regular paper,

then cut them out and traced them onto the compressed sponge,

and then cut out the shapes of the tracks, moistened them to make them decompress, and dipped them in mud and put bunny tracks all over my porch and the floor of my foyer like some kind of misguided craft project!

Instead of paint, though, it seems like it's a mixture of:

- 1/2 cup cocoa powder
- 1/2 cup dirt from the yard
- hot water

Then it seems like it was mixed together until it had the consistency of pancake batter before the sponge shapes were dipped into it and pressed all over the floor to look like bunny tracks.

That's what it seems like, but really it's just that messy ol' Easter Bunny not caring a bit about anything but getting gifts and candy to the children.  Oh, the things we mothers have to put up with.
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